General Scholarship Search Engines:















Specific Scholarship Opportunities:

  • $1,000
  • $500-1500
  • http://davisputter.org/  (Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund) $1,000-10,000
  • http://www.dreamactivist.org/faq/education/scholarships/ (Dream Activist) *
  • $500-1000
  • $10,000-20,000
  • http://www.ca-core.org/que_llueva_cafe (Chicano Organizing and Research in Education) $7,000-10,000
  • http://chicanalatina.org/scholarship.html (Chicana Latina / Foundation) * $,15000
  • tp://www.nygearup.org/collegesense/students/scholar_undoc.htm (College Sense)
  • $1,000-20,000
  • http://www.getreadyforcollege.org/gpg.cfm?pageid=1586 (Get Ready for College) $500-5000
  • http://hispaniccommunityaffairscouncil.org/) (Hispanic Community Affairs Council) $750-1,500
  • $500-1,150
  • $1,000
  • http://www.latinocollegedollars.org/ (Latino College Dollars) $500-5000
  • http://lmsa.net/resources/scholarships/dfm-scholarship-application (Latino Medical Student Association) $1,000-10,000
  • http://lulac.org/programs/education/scholarships/ (League of United Latin American Citizens)
  • http://www.maldef.org/leadership/scholarships/index.html  (Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund) *
  • http://100amigos-imbecas.org (Mexican Consulate)*
  • http://rmhc.org/what-we-do/rmhc-u-s-scholarships/ (Ronald McDonald House Charities)
  • http://www.scholarshipsforhispanics.com (Scholarships for Hispanics)
  • (Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers)
  • (Society of Women Engineers)
  • http://www.scholarshipexperts.com/showIndexScreen.htx (Scholarship Experts)
  • (United States Hispanic Leadership Institute)
  • http://sunkist.com/about/scholarship_application.pdf (Sunkist Memorial Scholarship)
  • http://www.thurgoodmarshallfund.net (Thurgood Marshall Scholarship Fund)
  • http://www.finaid.org/ (FinAid: The Smart Student Guide to Financial Aid)
  • http://vidayfamilia.univision.com/es-el-momento/becas-universitarias/ (Univision: Es El Momento Beca)

*Scholarships open to AB540

  • Scholarship Search

Where to obtain scholarship information:

-        Internet: scholarship search engines and college financial aid websites

-        Counselor, Teachers, Mentors

-        College representatives (MESA, EAOP, PUENTE)

-        Career Center, Transfer Center, Library

-        Church, union (parents), employer (yours and/or your parents)

-        Never pay any company or person for scholarship information.

  • Getting Organized

Create folders with the following categories:

-    Scholarship applications

-        Personal statements and scholarship essays (paper copies and computer files)

-        Letters of recommendations (teachers, counselors, coaches, community contacts)

-        Official and unofficial high school and college transcripts

-        Updated résumé (paper copies and computer files)

-        Awards/certificates

-        Financial aid information or Student Aid Reports

  • Prioritize Scholarship Deadlines

-        Read eligibility criteria and requested documentation carefully when you obtain a scholarship application. Is the deadline “Post-marked” or “received by”? What will you need to submit?

-        Use both personal planners and family calendars to keep track of deadlines.

-        Create your own benchmark deadlines to submit the applications early.

-        Make requests early (at least two weeks) for letters of recommendation and official transcripts.

-        It is good practice to provide your recommender with copies of your résumé and personal statement.

  • Résumé / List of Activities

-        Maintain good records of all of your accomplishments and activities. These would include work experience, honors, awards, and achievements, community service, and extracurricular activities.

-        Describe each activity so that the reader understands what it is and include dates of involvement.

-        Attend résumé-building workshops or obtain a résumé worksheet at the Career Center for support.

  • Letters of Recommendation

-        A good recommender would be a teacher, counselor, or community person who knows you well and can describe your strengths.  Do not use relatives as recommenders.

-        You can request a letter tailored to a specific scholarship application or a general letter that can be used in several scholarship applications… or ask for both!

-        Give recommenders about 2-3 weeks notice and give them a specific deadline that is earlier than the application deadline.  Also provide them with a résumé to help them write a strong letter.

  • Essays and Personal Statements

-        Be prepared to write several personal statements, each with a different emphasis, but with overlapping information.

-        Key areas to write about include: Academic/career goals, leadership, personal accomplishments, community involvement, and obstacles that you have overcome.

-        Have a teacher, a counselor, and/or a mentor review and edit your essays.

  • Effort

-        Treat your pursuit of scholarships as you would a job. Dedicate the time and effort to do it well. Remember, scholarships are not ‘just money’; they are recognitions of your accomplishments that will be with you for a lifetime!

-        Proofread your entire application before submitting it.

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List of winners.

No. First Name Last Name County
1.  Geraldine  Castaneda Sacramento
2.  Mai Thao Butte
3.  Yuri Diaz Tehama
4.  Ricardo Sanchez-Macias Glenn
5.  Alexa  Valladolid Stanislaus
6.  Cynthia Martinez Sacramento
7.  Iram Naseem Sacramento
8.  Josue Hernandez Yolo
9.  Perla Espinoza Sacramento
10.  Sayda Lavandera San Joaquin
11.  Cinthya Arias Mora Sacramento
12.  Jemmifer Rodrigues Stanislaus
13.  Salvador Antonio Tello Stanislaus
14.  Ariana Paiz Colusa
15.  Giselle Vera Colusa
16.  Shafaq Khan Sutter
17.  Vanessa Mendoza Colusa
18.  Areli Cortez  San Joaquin
19.  Martin Salvador Nevada
20.  salvador portillo Glenn
21.  valeria alvarez Sacramento
22.  Rosio Vergara San Joaquin
23.  ulie Xiong Otro / Other
24.  Aron Nunez Glenn
25.  Jasmin Zuniga San Joaquin
26.  Lizbeth Alegria Sacramento
27.  Leonel Solorio Sacramento
28.  Roberto Camberos Stanislaus
29.  Adilene Alaniz-Granados Butte
30.  Jose Jimenez Sacramento
31.  Michelle Mendoza San Joaquin
32.  Gabriel Delgado Sacramento
33.  Armando Jr Rojas-Soto Sacramento
34.  Savannah  Cha Butte
35.  Mayte Medina Glenn
36.  Cinthya Chavez Sacramento
37.  Emmanuel Orejel Sutter
38.  Rosa Toro Sacramento
39.  Andrea Bravo San Joaquin
40.  Karina  Villanueva Sacramento
41.  Tania Salazar Sacramento
42.  Karla Cazares Glenn
43.  Yarely Perez San Joaquin
44.  Violeta Ramirz Sutter
45.  Renata Montanez Colusa
46.  Alissa Selover Colusa
47.  Heidi Sainz Sacramento
48.  Giovanni Azpeitia Otro / Other
49.  Hiram Reyes Sacramento
50.  alma Rodríguez Sacramento
51.  Karla Navarro Yolo